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Author: Leah

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Employment Law Update: What’s New in 2022

2022 Updates in Employment Law The new year brings some new laws and some changes to existing laws for Oregon employers. This Employment Law Update summarizes these new laws and changes and provides a short update on the status of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Oregon employers

9 Estate Planning Resolutions for the New Year

Estate Planning Resolutions for the New Year. Update the old will or trust that you have been procrastinating about. If it is more than 10 years old, the tax provisions no longer work in most cases. Make sure your personal representative or successor trustee is

How mediation and arbitration processes work (podcast)

Mediation and arbitration can be effective legal tools for conflict resolution. But many business leaders lack a comprehensive understanding of what it means to include these clauses in their contracts. “Mediation is set up to reach a settlement between two fighting parties, so a mandatory