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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We are here for you.

A Message From Our COO to Our Clients, Colleagues, and Friends

We are open for business and serving our clients with their legal needs; our physical office is open to the general public. We require all visitors to wear a face covering and to check in with the front desk. Our business continuity plan, implemented in 2020, enables many of our employees to work remotely while maintaining a small team working in the office.

We are here for you

Buckley Law continues to partner and serve you with your legal and business needs; we have the experience to help you get through uncommon situations. You can contact us in the same way you always have – by phone at 503-620-8900, by email at, or through our website at

We are prepared

We are leveraging our technology infrastructure, already planned and in place, to work with you in the way most convenient for you. Some ways we can work with you include phone conferences, email communication, and videoconferencing.

We are ready

Our client appointments are being held by phone, videoconferencing, and in-office. If you have an in-person meeting scheduled, please note the following protocols for our office:

  • All visitors must wear a face covering in the building and in the office;
  • We disinfect common areas, including tables, chairs, handles in our conference rooms before and after each meeting;
  • We provide hand sanitizer in common areas for employees and visitors;
  • Our conference rooms have additional air filters running; and
  • We request you reschedule your meeting if you have:
    • A fever or have had a fever in the last week (please be fever free without fever-reducing medicine for at least 72 hours), or are feeling under the weather with a cold or coughing;
    • Traveled to an impacted region within the last month or have been in contact with someone who has; or
    • Been exposed to COVID-19 or been around someone who has been exposed to COVID-19.

Please let us know if there are other accommodations we can make to assist you. Service of, and to, you is of utmost importance to our team at Buckley Law.


Gina Chiotti-Hovey
Chief Operating Officer

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