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Trusts and Estate

The attorneys at Buckley Law have been guiding clients through the complex process of trust administration and estate planning for decades.

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Estate Planning

Our attorneys will work with you and your accountant, insurance broker, and investment advisor to ensure that your estate plan addresses your needs and the needs of your family. We also draw on the resources and expertise of our business, employment, real estate, and family law attorneys to help deal with issues that may require changes to your estate plan.

In all cases, our goal is to help you feel comfortable with the process while creating a plan that helps you preserve your wealth, minimizes taxes, and provides a secure financial future for you and your loved ones.

Trust Administration

One day in the none-too-distant future, you may be asked to be a trustee for an aging parent, a sibling, your child, or a friend who has either died or has become disabled requires special needs accommodations, or is incapacitated in some other way. Perhaps that time is now.

Accepting the job as trustee is a huge legal and financial responsibility (and often a thankless one).  Make sure you are a detail-oriented person, up to the task, and rely on the advice of your attorney, accountant and financial adviser. How complex can this whole process be?  In some circumstances, this process can take decades and require a trustee to make some very tough choices.

The attorneys at Buckley Law can help you understand the basics. We can also help you manage the more complex aspects of the role. Trust Administration is no small task, and the Buckley Law Trust Administration attorneys can help make the process easier.


There are many complex and frustrating aspects to probate, including completing time-sensitive paperwork, filing taxes, dealing with collection agencies, or preparing important legal court documents. A good attorney can offer a more objective third-party mindset to help alleviate these headaches so you can avoid legal pitfalls and carry on with your daily life.

When a loved one has passed away and left you with the task of negotiating the complexities of the probate process, Buckley Law’s experienced estate planning attorneys are here to assist you. We can handle the entire process for you or just provide the guidance you need to fulfill your loved one’s wishes.

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