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Entrepreneurial Services

The business, tax and real estate attorneys at Buckley Law P.C. have many years of experience in forming and growing successful businesses.

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Meeting the Legal Needs of Start-Ups

We understand the issues facing entrepreneurs and first-time business owners. We also know that getting the business off on the right foot helps entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes that could delay business growth or even cause the failure of the business.

In order to be of service to entrepreneurs, who are a key source of jobs in a reviving economy, we offer the following packages of legal services. Once we meet and determine the scope of the work we will estimate the costs of each service or negotiate a flat fee.

Business Formation

We will advise you on the selection of entity and the capitalization of the entity. We will form your entity and prepare key organizational documents, including articles, bylaws/operating agreement, organizational minutes, stock/membership certificates, obtain a tax identification number and, if applicable, elect Subchapter S status.

Buy-Sell Agreement

We will prepare a buy-sell agreement between shareholders or LLC members that covers death, disability, termination of employment, bankruptcy or insolvency, and withdrawal as a shareholder.


We will review your office, retail or industrial lease and assist you in negotiating that lease.

Employment Agreements and Employment Manual

We will prepare a key person employment agreement template with confidentiality provisions, covenant not to compete, and non-solicitation provisions. We will prepare an employment manual for your employees using our standard form.

Trademark or Service Mark

We will search the USPTO website and file a trademark or service mark for your product or service. If necessary, we will recommend a search service to check your product or service name nationally.

Purchase Order or Sales Agreement

We will review the terms and conditions of your standard purchase order or sales agreement with businesses to make sure it is enforceable and that it provides for, among other things: interest or service charges, jurisdiction, and venue for disputes, arbitration clauses, and provisions for attorneys’ fees and costs in the event the customer does not pay according to terms. If you are selling to consumers we will provide warranty language that complies with consumer protection laws.


We will review your website terms and conditions, licenses, and privacy policy.

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