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  • Estate Planning During COVID-19

    MARCH 2020 By Rob LeChevallier Attorney & Shareholder While it always important to have your estate plan completed, many clients are especially anxious during this time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During this time, it is natural to want to focus on our wellbeing and that of our families. An important part of that process […]

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  • The Rubber Band is broken on “Stretch IRA’s”

    JANUARY 2020 By Rob LeChevallier Attorney & Shareholder One of the tax advantages of an individual retirement account (IRA) is that the beneficiaries of an IRA could stretch out the tax bill over the life expectancy of the beneficiaries.  In the meantime, the IRA could continue to grow tax deferred as long as the Required […]

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  • Who Should be Your Trustee?

    By Rob LeChevallier Attorney & Shareholder For the last 25 years or so, I have been drafting trusts for my clients as part of their estate plan. One question that always surfaces is who is best suited to be the successor trustee of a client’s revocable living trust. The question comes up a lot so […]

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  • Should You Update Your Estate Plan?

      By Rob LeChevallier Attorney & Shareholder Clients often ask me when they should review and update their estate plan.  I recommend the estate plan should be reviewed every 5 years at minimum, but more often if there are significant life changes. Here is a checklist of events that may trigger an update to your […]

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  • The Smart Divorce

    by Jaye Wickham Taylor Disclaimer Thinking of filing for divorce? Here are some ideas to help you make the whole process faster, cheaper, and less stressful for all: Pointers for litigants with lawyers: Family law is much more complicated than ever before. Choose a lawyer who has skills to match your goals. Custody disputes? Complicated […]

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  • State Estate Taxes Matter!

    By Rob Le Chevallier Disclaimer Pay attention to State Estate taxes. Oregon has an estate tax of 10% to 16% for residents who have over $1.0 million in assets. The Washington estate tax is indexed for inflation and the 2016 exemption  starts at $2,079,000  but the rate jumps higher– 10 to 19%. Consider making gifts!  […]

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  • New Years Resolutions for Your Business

    With the start of each new year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves, whether that includes the resolve to eat healthier, lose weight, and/or exercise more. How about making some resolutions for your business for the New Year? Here are 10 possible that come to my mind: 1. Work on a […]

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  • 10 Estate Planning Tips in the Event of a Disaster!

    photo of disaster

    By Rob Le Chevallier Disclaimer The recent article about the big quake that is coming for the Northwest created anxieties for some Oregonians. It led to stocking up on bottled water, seismic upgrades for residences, and refreshed tsunami evacuation plans at the Oregon coast. I often talk to clients about who should inherit their estate […]

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  • Buckley Law Attorney Rob Le Chevallier Published in GGI Estate Planning Newsletter

    Estate Planning Tips by Rob Le Chevallier

    Buckley Law attorney Rob Le Chevallier offered some Estate Planning tips to members of the Geneva Group International community on page 13 of the Fall issue of their GGI “FYI: Trust & Estate Planning News” publication. Titled “Ten Estate Planning Ideas for 2015,” Le Chevallier offered ways to help people provide for their loved ones […]

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  • Buckley Law Attorney Richard Mario Published in GGI Real Estate Newsletter

    Richard Mario article about Marijuana and Cannabis

    Attorney Richard Mario wrote an article featured in the Geneva Group International’s (GGI) Fall 2015 issue of Real Estate News. Titled “Federal Law Prohibits the Possession of Any Amount of Cannabis (MJ),”  Mario’s article explains the pitfalls of Marijuana laws from a federal perspective, despite the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana on state-wide levels. […]

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