2016 Fall Kruse Way Economic Forum


Buckley Law is a proud sponsor of the Kruse Way Economic Forum

kruse way economic forum

2016 Fall Kruse Way Economic Forum

To register for the forum: visit https://2016fallkwef.eventbrite.com

Presenter: John W. Mitchell, Economist | M&H Economic Consultants

In the Eighth Year – Stuck in Second Gear?

Question: What are the prospects, risks and challenges for the coming year at a national and local level? How will they impact you and your business?

“The national upturn is well into its eighth year with tightened labor markets, low interest rates and inflation below the Fed’s targets. The economy has experienced falling energy prices, a strong currency, international turmoil and domestic policy uncertainty. The Federal Reserve has begun to move its interest rate target up in a data dependent process, even as monetary policy makers plead for assistance from the other paralyzed branches of government. Oregon and the metropolitan area, as well as much of the Northwest, have been among the strongest regions in the nation. Population, employment and income have increased faster than the national figures.”

Join the Kruse Way Economic Forum and presenter John W. Mitchell as he discusses what the future may hold in the coming year for both the Federal and Oregon economies.

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